About Us

UTAM is the investment manager for the University of Toronto’s Endowment and short-term working capital assets. Our sole focus is to invest university assets.

Our History & Mandate

UTAM has been the University of Toronto’s investment manager for over 20 years.

UTAM was established on April 25, 2000 as a separately incorporated investment management organization with a Board of Directors. UTAM was created to offer the university an accountable, professionally staffed investment management organization that was tasked with successfully incorporating active management in its investment process and adding value above passive returns (net of investment fees and expenses).

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To be one of the world’s leading university investment managers.


To produce strong investment results over the long term, advancing the University of Toronto’s goals for its portfolios through skilled investment management, leadership in responsible investing and prudent risk management.

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Senior Leadership Team

UTAM’s senior leadership team is headed by Chuck O’Reilly, President and Chief Investment Officer, who joined UTAM in May 2011. The team has extensive collective experience and expertise in investing, risk management, operations and compliance. Moreover, many of the senior leaders have worked together at UTAM for over five years and several have worked together for almost a decade, providing important continuity to the team.

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Senior Leadership Team

Internal Committees

UTAM’s internal committees play a vital role in the oversight and management of our activities. These committees have been created for significant areas of our activities – investments, risk, operations and responsible investing. Each has a defined mandate established by policy, and we draw participants from the relevant areas of UTAM. These committees are collaborative groups led by senior management.

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The groundbreaking research and innovative thinking that make the University of Toronto a global leader are typically focused on seeing the bigger picture, taking the longer view and embracing analytical rigour. Not surprisingly, we bring a similar perspective to how we manage U of T’s financial assets. As the university leadership works closely with our UTAM colleagues, we know they have the systems, processes and expertise to continue meeting our investment objectives – not just from year to year, but over the long term.

Meric S. Gertler, President, University of Toronto


UTAM strongly believes in good governance, not only at the companies in which we invest, but also in our own corporation. The structure and relationships by which we’re governed reflect a set of values shared with the university, as well as a commitment to transparency, accountability and collaboration.

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Code of Ethics

UTAM employees are subject to a Code of Ethics, which sets the standards for employee behaviour and the management of actual, potential and perceived personal conflicts of interest. Our Chief Compliance Officer reports regularly to the Board on compliance matters, including those relating to the Code of Ethics, and ensures that they are considered at the firm’s highest level.

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