Internal Committees

UTAM’s internal committees play a vital role in the oversight and management of our activities.

Management Committee

The Management Committee (MC), chaired by the President and Chief Investment Officer (CIO), considers wide-ranging operational and investment matters under the following broad categories:

  • Enterprise risk
  • Human resources
  • Information technology, business continuity planning and cybersecurity
  • Policy approval
  • Client reporting
  • Internal audit
  • Compliance

The MC is composed of senior leaders at UTAM and typically meets monthly.

Management Investment Committee

The mandate of UTAM’s Management Investment Committee (MIC), chaired by the President and CIO, is to review investment activities and make recommendations, decisions and approvals where required, including but not limited to:

  • Investment strategy
  • Investment manager hire/termination recommendations
  • Asset mix and rebalancing reports
  • Investment performance reports
  • Investment manager and service provider watchlist

The MIC comprises all investment staff and senior members of the Risk and Research and Operations teams. This Committee is responsible for approving all investment mandates and typically meets monthly.

Management Investment Risk Committee

The Management Investment Risk Committee (MIRC), chaired by the Chief Risk Officer, oversees the development and implementation of UTAM’s Investment Risk Framework. It is responsible for developing investment risk policies, reviewing risk reports, reviewing client portfolio investment risk positions and addressing all investment-related risk issues.

The MIRC comprises staff on the Risk and Research team, the CIO and other senior investment staff, and typically meets quarterly or more frequently as necessary.

Responsible Investment Committee

The Responsible Investing Committee (RIC), chaired by the President and CIO, oversees all matters relating to the development and implementation of UTAM’s responsible investing practices. The RIC is composed of the most senior leaders at UTAM and typically meets quarterly. It undertakes the following activities:

  • Develops and approves our Responsible Investing Policy
  • Sets annual responsible investing objectives, including those specifically related to climate issues
  • Identifies and evaluates evolving best practices with respect to responsible investing
  • Approves and oversees the implementation of responsible investing practices, including:
    • Integration of ESG factors in manager selection and monitoring
    • Consideration of ESG factors in our risk framework, including in scenario analysis
    • Consideration of ESG factors in our strategic asset allocation research
    • Proxy voting practices
    • Engagement activities
  • Ensures appropriate training is provided to staff
  • Develops responsible investing reporting to stakeholders
  • Ensures the following activities are completed and published on our website annually unless otherwise noted:
    • Responsible investing report
    • Carbon footprint report
    • PRI assessment report
    • Proxy voting activities
    • Providing regular updates on our responsible investing activities
  • Considers any other relevant matters

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